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The Public Institution Museum of Kozara Prijedor with the support of the city of Prijedor is opening  competition for the Third  International Biennial of Artworks on Paper, Prijedor 2020.

The competition is open from 1st January 2020 to 15th March 2020.

All artists who are over 18 years of age and who accept the conditions and terms of participation can enter the competition.

The artists can choose the theme and technique freely and can submit no more than two artworks in one exhibition category only. Only the original artworks made in last two years and assessed as highly artistic and professional will be accepted for the exhibition.

The exhibition categories are: 1. Drawing and graphics, 2. Painting,  3. intermedia.

According to the competition regulations, submitted artworks must be on paper only and have maximum size  of A4 format (21×29.7cm or 8.27×11.69inch).

Artworks, application form and fee payment receipt (with full name and surname) should be submitted  not later than 15th March to: JU Matični muzej Kozare Prijedor, Nikola Pašić St., 79101 Prijedor, Republic of Srpska, BiH, with an indication „for the Third  International Biennial of Artworks on Paper, Prijedor 2020“.

All participants pay the participation fee except for those  who are invited to exhibit and the authors from Prijedor. Authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina pay the participation fee of 10KM net while the international authors pay 10 EUR net.

The awards of the Biennial are three equal prizes in the amount of 500 EUR for each exhibition category which will be paid to bank accounts of award-winning authors.

Not all exhibition categories have to be awarded. The awarded artworks become a part of the Museum of Prijedor art collection as the reward means the buyout of artwork.

Authors can give their artworks to the Organizer as a gift. The author agrees the artwork is irreversible and uncoditional and  that the Organizer is the future  owner of the artwork. In case an author decides to give his/her artwork to the Organizer, he/she should fill in and sign a specific form which can be downloaded from the Museum of Kozara website. The artworks will be returned if the Selection Board or the International Jury doesn’t accept any of the artworks for the exhibition.

The members of the International  Jury of the Third International Biennial of Artworks on Paper Prijedor 2020 are:

Francisco Araya (Chile),

Leposava Milošević Sibinović  (Serbia),

Predrag Marjanović  (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Opening ceremony is on 20th August 2020 at the Museum of Kozara Prijedor.

Some of the accepted artworks will be exhibited at the Gallery “Sreten Stojanović“ in Prijedor.


– The competition is open from 1st January 2018 to 15th March 2020

– Selection and judging of artworks:  27th April 2020 –  30th April  2020

– Deadline for returning rejected artworks:  30th June 2020

– Opening ceremony:  20th August 2020

– Duration of the exhibition:  20th August 2020– 26th September 2020

– Deadline for returning the artworks : 31st December 2020

Here you can download: Application form, Regulation of the Third International Biennial of Artworks on Paper, Prijedor 2020, gift form, instructions for payment and biographies of members of the jury.

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The Jury

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